Stratwicks Pharmacy

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • Private consultation area
  • Free collection and delivery service by arrangement
  • Repeat prescription collection service
  • Supervised methadone dispensing
  • Truss fitting service by arrangement
  • Healthcare products and support for self-care
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Emergency contraception
  • Support for people with disabilities
  • Vitamin D injections available
  • Disposal of unwanted medicines
  • Service to care homes
  • Smoke-stop service
  • Medication Usage Review (MUR)
  • Vitamins and homeopathic medicine advice
  • Health foods incl. gluten-free and diabetic
  • Incontinence Support
  • Advice on healthy lifestyle

Routine Prescriptions

We dispense prescriptions to both NHS and private patients. At the same time as our computer produces labels for medicines being dispensed, it keeps a record of such items. It can also record details of any advice given to patients about their healthcare and lifestyle. The pharmacist can give you information about your medication and how to use it safely.

Repeat Prescriptions

We can record and store your repeat medication slips (order forms), thus saving you having to make extra journeys to either the pharmacy or your surgery when you need to order repeat medication. All you need to do is ring the pharmacy and give your repeat order over the phone during specified times of the day. The pharmacy will then do the rest. This service is available to anyone who has been authorised to receive repeat prescriptions.
Home Delivery: We will collect your repeat prescriptions from your doctor’s surgery and, if you wish, deliver them straight to your door - totally free of charge. (You will need to complete a registration form for this: please ask the pharmacist.)


Smoking Cessation Programme

In conjunction with the local Health Authority, we offer a one-to-one stop smoking cessation programme designed to help you stop – once and for all! You must agree to commit yourself to attend five sessions over a 5 to 6 week period depending on which Health Authority area you live in.

Monitored Dosage Systems

If either yourself or someone you care for has problems remembering how or when to take prescribed medication, we may be able to help with a compliance device. This is usually a cassette or card filled with one week’s supply of medicine, split into different times of the day for each day of the week. Please note, however, that such a device might not be suitable for all patients and potential candidates will need to be assessed before such an aid can be offered. You should also mention this to your G.P. Please ask your pharmacist for details.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)

This is commonly known as the “morning after pill”. Not strictly accurate! In fact, it is effective for up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse though we would stress that it is best used as soon as possible. We can provide EHC at the pharmacy during opening hours; no appointment is necessary.

NB: We provide a confidential pregnancy testing service on the premises, with the result available in only a matter of minutes. Depending on the outcome of the test, our staff can advise and provide information accordingly.

Unwanted Medications

We are happy for you to return all your unwanted and unused medications to us for safe disposal. We cannot, however, accept used "sharps" (needles etc), though your G.P.’s practice will normally take these from you for destruction – please check with your surgery receptionist.

Over The Counter Service

We stock a large range of products suitable for self-treatment of most common ailments as well as most types of vitamin and mineral products – including, for maximum economy, our own label range – now there’s value for money!

Photographic Service

We offer a comprehensive photo processing service for both conventional film (black and white, colour or slides) and digital. We can also provide a range of associated services such as reprints, enlargements and media transfer (eg loading photos onto CDs). Unfortunately, this is not a same-day service as we do not do on-site processing. Most services can, however, be completed and ready for collection the following day.

Enhanced Services

Our pharmacy meets all essential service requirements as stipulated by the NHS contract. We also provide a number of other services as shown below and hope to develop these and add others over time:

  • Supply of stoma/incontinence aids
  • First aid products – we stock loose items as well as domestic and industrial packs
  • Holiday checklist – everything you’ll be likely to need abroad including anti-malarial tablets, common remedies (eg for tummy bugs) and sun protection
  • Chiropody services – our trained staff can advise on minor complaints and recommend suitable products.

Veterinary Medicines

New legislation allows pharmacists to recommend, prescribe and sell veterinary medicines. You are now entitled to ask your vet for a prescription to be dispensed by your pharmacist, in much the same way a family doctor gives you a prescription; your vet is not allowed to charge you for this. You can then take advantage of the veterinary prescription dispensing service at this pharmacy. We stock Drontal and Frontline for cats and dogs as well as a wide range of horse wormers (discounts available for bulk orders).

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